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GI Associates announces merger with Gastroenterology Specialists


WAUKESHA — GI Associates has merged with Gastroenterology Specialists to form a group with 15 offices in southeastern Wisconsin.

This new group will have six ambulatory surgery centers, more physicians, access to research and successful collaboration and partnerships with many local hospitals, according to Thursday’s announcement.

“Gastroenterology Specialists provided excellent service to Waukesha County residents for 42 years,” said Dr. Michael Schmalz, board-certified gastroenterologist with GI Associates in Milwaukee, in a statement. “This merger will give our patients the same high-quality care, but with the added convenience of several new locations in the area.”

GI Associates is the largest independent gastrointestinal practice in Wisconsin as well as one of the largest in the nation, according to the announcement that followed the Wednesday merger.

“Even though we are now part of a larger practice, we will continue to provide the individual care to our patients that we’re known for,” said Dr. Janis Kengis, founder of Gastroenterology Specialists, in a statement. “But, in addition, we can offer more specialized services to our community.”

Established in 2000, GI Associates is the largest single-specialty GI group in Wisconsin.GI Associates is home to 31 gastroenterologists, including pediatric subspecialists and a transplant hepatologist, who work together to offer personalized care to patients of all ages.

taken from the article on Greater Milwaukee Today


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